PM Lee Hsien Loong has gone f#*# AWOL


On November 12, 2007, PM Lee Hsien Loong accused the Workers’ Party Aljunied team of going “AWOL”. (See Straits Times report).

“Our (People’s Action Party) five men are working hard, but the opposition’s five have scattered like monkeys when the tree fell.”

Mas Selamat Kastari escaped from detention on Wednesday, Feb 27. It’s now March 6 – 9 days since.

And where is our dear prime minister who made fun of others for being “absent”?

The fucking PM himself has gone AWOL!

Not one single word about the escape.

Not one single picture of him in the news.

Not a single murmur from his gold-plated mouth.

And yes, we are paying him $3.4 million a year.

PM Lee, where the fuck are you??

Is this how the highest-paid leader in the entire world behaves?

Run and hide, act blur, cower and scatter like a fucking monkey when the tree falls???

Come out and take responsibility and show your fucking face!

Be a fucking leader, for goodness sake!


Is the Prime Minister seriously out of touch?


In a Straits Times report, “PM: Let’s tackle cost fears together”, the prime minister was quoted as saying:

No need to buy branded bread. Bread is bread, rice is rice.

The report also said:

Consumers can also go for supermarket house brands, which are cheaper.

The PM seems to be saying that “non-branded” bread are cheaper. Perhaps he is right but if you think about it, when has “non-branded” bread been more expensive than “branded” ones?

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YAY! No more blood will be shed for skimpily clad women!


This is so hilarious I almost fell off my chair. The police has given the green light for “skimpy servers” (New Paper) at 2 out of 7 entertainment outlets.

This brings back a dash of nostalgia vis a vis MCYS’ minister Vivian Balakrishnan’s fears about allowing bar top dancing. Balakrishnan had said:

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A load of crap from the education minister

I haven’t been blogging for a while but I have to say something about this because it makes my blood boil when I see adults putting kids down.

I was floored when I read what was reported in the Straits Times recently about a school principal’s “advice” to her students.

“The Straits Times reported on Saturday that the principal of a girls’ school had told one of her Sec 5 classes they might as well apply now for places in the ITE because as they were unlikely to do well in the ‘O’ levels at the end of the year.” (ST)

Imagine my horror when the Minister of State for Education, Lui Tuck Yew, defended the principal by saying:

“Principals need to do their job to convey this message to the students and teachers to do their part to challenge them, set high goals and to help them achieve these goals.”

Did anyone notice the double-talk by the minister? A deft sleight-of-tongue, if you will.

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City of Possibilities or City of Hypocrisy?


The arbitrary application of laws in Singapore has reared its ugly head yet again.

In a Channel News Asia report titled “US expert on how S’pore can enhance its global reputation”, it quotes the “US expert”, Mr Peter Schwartz, as saying:

“Singaporeans were, he observed, more tolerant of gays than what the law allows and the reputation of the country would be hugely enhanced if there was, for example, more room for dissent.”

Now, my oh my, isn’t that a direct commentary and interference in our domestic affairs? Not convinced? See what our dear Minister of Home Affairs Ho Peng Kee said in Parliament just last month, as reported by the Straits Times here, when he was explaining why the police rejected a permit for Douglas Sanders to speak at a forum organized by Alex Au:

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You are a bloody wimp – message to George Yeo


Reading what Singapore’s Foreign Minister George Yeo said about what ASEAN or Singapore can do about the military junta in Burma makes my blood boil.


To recap, this is what came out of the mouth of the highly-paid wimp of a minister:

“But we have very little leverage over the internal development there. What we have is moral influence as members of the ASEAN family,” Yeo told The Straits Times.

“We can’t do what the big powers can do in terms of trade embargo or freezing bank accounts.”

Be it far from me to advise my talented foreign affairs minister on what he should do but heck, lets give it a whirl.

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Is this guy really a minister?


Within a period of 3 weeks, Minister of State for Law and Home Affairs has had to defend the government’s stance on 2 issues – the rejection of the Workers’ Party application to hold a cycling event and now the rejection for Professor Douglas Sanders to give a talk here at a public forum.

On both counts, MOS Ho has failed miserably.

To see how the minister (yes, he is actually a minister. Don’t laugh, please) squirms and wriggles and try and explain his government’s stance is, if not for the comical aspect of it, rather painful.

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