The depths of hypocrisy some will sink to

To pick up from Martyn See’s blog post – One Country, Two Systems – I have one more example to add.

But first, a recap of what the authorities said about “political” and “cause-related” events, and how conducting outdoor events will lead to all kinds of problems both for the police and the public.

“You may be well behaving, but there may be other people whom you come across when you cycle who may stop you, may want to debate with you and that may attract a crowd, therefore will result in problems the police want to avoid…. This policy applies to all political parties.” – Minister of State for Law and Home Affairs Ho Peng Kee (link) (link)

The rub here is MOS Ho’s statement that “this applies to all political parties”. Well, lets see if this is true.

REJECTED: In 2003, The TWC2’s application to hold a symbolic march from the Esplanade to Boat Quay to mark International Day Against Violence Against Women was rejected by PELU. (link)

INVESTIGATED: On the 10th of December 2006, SDP held a “Freedom Walk” to commemorate the International Human Rights Day. Almost all participants of the Freedom Walk are now under police investigation, including Dr Chee’s wife who was also present with their 3 children. (link)

REJECTED: People Like Us’ application to hold a “Pink Run” at the Botanicals Garden. “The Singapore Botanic Gardens is a premier botanical institution. We do not want it to be used as a venue for interest groups to politicise their cause,” said the National Parks Board when rejecting the application.

But in September 2007, the PAP Women’s Wing participated in the Yellow Ribbon Walk 2007 from Pasir Ris Town Park to Prison Link Centre Changi on 2 September 2007. (link)


Now, before they quickly take down the web page, notice that the headline says: “PAP Women’s Wing Participated in the Yellow Ribbon Walk 2007.”



Banning everyone else and then doing it themselves!




Fight your fight – but please keep your clothes on!

I support the online petition to repeal section 377A of the Penal Code. I also support the Parliamentary petition. It is good that at least one MP, albeit an NMP, would be taking up the issue in Parliament.

I think it is a shame that not one of the 82 PAP MPs or the 3 opposition MPs in Parliament have spoken up for the gay community. No doubt it is a political decision – to not risk alienating the majority “conservative vote” in Singapore.

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The law has become an ass

When the law is applied arbitrarily, subjectively and selectively, the law becomes an ass.

I find it incredibly saddening that all 84 MPs in Parliament, including the opposition ones, have not spoken a word about the hypocritical application of the law, as the following example shows.

A picture speaks a thousand words.

Here I present 2 pictures.

They speak for themselves….

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You are a bloody wimp – message to George Yeo


Reading what Singapore’s Foreign Minister George Yeo said about what ASEAN or Singapore can do about the military junta in Burma makes my blood boil.


To recap, this is what came out of the mouth of the highly-paid wimp of a minister:

“But we have very little leverage over the internal development there. What we have is moral influence as members of the ASEAN family,” Yeo told The Straits Times.

“We can’t do what the big powers can do in terms of trade embargo or freezing bank accounts.”

Be it far from me to advise my talented foreign affairs minister on what he should do but heck, lets give it a whirl.

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