The poor prostitutes of the media & a fumbling AWOL PM

So, after 11 days of total, complete and utter silence, our dearest AWOL prime minister has come out and said something about Mas Selamat Kastari’s escape. (I wonder if it had anything to do with TOC’s counting down the days he’d been silent. Great work, TOC!)

And what did the good dear prime minister say?

“This was a lapse, what to do, it’s happened.”

The words are so simple, yet they are so so poignant. So poignant in letting us all see the hopeless PM that we have.

Totally incompetent. Completely unempathetic. Utterly useless.

That is all the PM can say.

“This was a lapse, what to do, it’s happened.”

Remember this too: This is the same PM who justified his own salary increase of millions of dollars.


It’s unbelieveable to me that we’re paying these idiots so much money.


Mainstream scramble to cover up

Thanks again to TOC, the Straits Times Online report carried those words of the PM. (See screenshot above). BUT the printed version of the ST conspicuously omitted the quote, as one reader said on Molly Meek’s blog, besides others who have also noticed it.

I guess it’s not the first time that the media has scrambled to cover-up a foul-up by the prime minister.

Remember “Mee siam mai hum” which, through the media, became “laksa mai hum” and later “mee siam mai hiam” – “hiam” meaning spicy in dialect speak.

And in the 2006 elections, the media downplay of PM Lee’s “fix the opposition” and “buy my supporters votes” remarks.

And more recently, the media’s absolutely hopeless coverage of the JI escapee Mas Selamat.

How our lapdog media of poor prostitutes willingly fall over themselves to make their pimp look good is amazing to me.

It also makes me sick that in this day and age of the 21st Century where we boast of a well-educated populace and a “Global City” and what not, that there are such Singaporeans in the media who think nothing of lowering themselves in order to suck up and worship government officials as if they’re gods and demi-gods.

Nah, I shouldn’t compare them to prostitutes.

Prostitutes have more dignity than these immoral, pathetic and well, these fucks in our local media.

To the reporters who happen to read this, we are tired of your propaganda and your groveling at your master’s feet.

When will you have some sense of dignity?


6 Responses

  1. nice article. please keep writing.

    I say we give him a raise. 🙂

  2. Concerning “Remember this too: This is the same PM who justified his own salary increase of millions of dollars.”

    “This is ME, what to do, it’s happened.”

  3. Concerning 40% GST hike.

    “This was miscalculation, what to do, it’s happened.”

  4. I like your tone. Very well said. Fuck the media!

  5. Apparently the million dollar ministars are not paid enough.

    Pay them several hundred million dollars each I say.

    Who runs Singapore anyway?

    Lee Kuan Yew is in the headlights so often nowadays you’d think he is the prime minister all over again.

    O what will Singapore be, once he is gone?

  6. Сорри за оффтоп, кто-нить смотрел ролики на ютьюбе про конец света? Ну, про андронный колайдер Ваще страшно!

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