PM Lee Hsien Loong has gone f#*# AWOL


On November 12, 2007, PM Lee Hsien Loong accused the Workers’ Party Aljunied team of going “AWOL”. (See Straits Times report).

“Our (People’s Action Party) five men are working hard, but the opposition’s five have scattered like monkeys when the tree fell.”

Mas Selamat Kastari escaped from detention on Wednesday, Feb 27. It’s now March 6 – 9 days since.

And where is our dear prime minister who made fun of others for being “absent”?

The fucking PM himself has gone AWOL!

Not one single word about the escape.

Not one single picture of him in the news.

Not a single murmur from his gold-plated mouth.

And yes, we are paying him $3.4 million a year.

PM Lee, where the fuck are you??

Is this how the highest-paid leader in the entire world behaves?

Run and hide, act blur, cower and scatter like a fucking monkey when the tree falls???

Come out and take responsibility and show your fucking face!

Be a fucking leader, for goodness sake!


11 Responses

  1. Cool down, calm down, my friend.
    The whole population, the whole country and the whole world, all waiting for the PM, SM and MM to say something.

    Funny, so funny in fact; the whole press people who followed the MM oversea and the Oversea Pressmen did not ask the MM about the Escape of Mas Selamat at all. Are they instructed not to broach the Subject?

    Silence is not always golden. Let’s be patient. THEY(the Ministers/President) THEMSELVES CANNOT ESCAPE FROM THE PEOPLE!!

  2. Very pertinent questions you have there.

    His minions are doing the less than glamourous job of dispensing the bad news to the public; it’s been 1 week and they still haven’t found him, do you honestly think he would want to garner attention towards himself?

    And I do wonder where our dear MM Lee is as well. He’s always so vocal against our neighbours in the North and the opposition parties- but where oh where is he now?

  3. They are getting their scholarly spin doctors to come out the best possible ways to deflect attention and responsibilities from this escape. They are letting our WKS to take all the heat. Do anyone notice that everybody is after the blood of WKS only at this point in time?

    These three people (PM, SM, MM) are trying not to get into the bad books of the people of SIngapore. The father probably does not want the son to do another “MSMH”. MM does not want to make any wrong statement at the international level because it will stick to him badly. SM got no juice in his words, enough of his “more good years” stuff.

    But, their silence will hurt them slowly.

  4. I saw Selamat photo everywhere in Singapore. 4 photos of him. Why not we have 4 photos comprising PM, MM, SM, President alongside Selamat’s notice ?

    What could be more terror ? High-ranking gahmen sneaking out of country quietly with no reply and acting blur, or Limping escapee that the minister Wong indicated is not dangerous ?

  5. Why do you think WKS stand for ?
    Wait Kena Shit.

    Really he is big shit now and no one is willing to share his shit. All his buddie-buddies distance away from fim to avoid WKS.

  6. ‘Our (People’s Action Party) five men are working hard, but the opposition’s five have scattered like monkeys when the tree fell,’ he said in Mandarin, using a Chinese proverb. – ST


    Scattered like monkeys?
    Larry, Moe & Curly
    Where on earth are you while Mas Selamat Jalan?

  7. I am for ong and wee too. As for the fat president i doubt he can make any sound judgement and decision. He is a dog. Such a leader will face severe judgement when his poor soul meets GOD. What has he done for his people? Nothing worth mentioning. argh. his paycheck is worth mentioning. It is sickening.

  8. When PM decided to vamoose from the country, did he designate which of the DPMs to act in his official capacity? Don’t remember reading the notification in the daily rag.

  9. Your words sound as if they came from my mouth.

    Thank-you for speaking my mind.

    I could not have said it more beautifully.

  10. Enuf is enuf. Fellow Singaporeans let’s vote for Oposition in the next GE. These clowns down deserve that kind of salary with no transparency in policies and absolutely no accountability at all! Wish I could get over $2m in salary and enjoy like them. I think the future will be tougher for PAP cos now we got lots of nationalities with different cultures and political views. More strikes, riots, protests, etc in the coming future! People’s Power Rules!!!

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