Why Wong Kan Seng is incompetent – and not just for the JI escape


Lets not mince words.

Deputy Prime Minister and Home Affairs minister Wong Kan Seng should resign.

I say this not just because of the monstrous security lapse which resulted in JI leader Mas Selamat Kastari’s escape from detention. If you think this is the first time that he has completely embarrassed Singapore on an international scale, think again.

Wong Kan Seng’s incompetence Number One

First of all, as everyone is asking, how does a limping man escape from the Internal Security Department’s detention centre, which is guarded by elite Gurkhas? Second, with all the attention and money and effort spent since 911 on beefing up security procedures, manpower and processes, how is n alleged terrorist, named as “Singapore’s Most Wanted” at one point, able to escape through a toilet window?

I think I will leave all the other questions to everyone else.

Wong Kan Seng’s incompetence Number Two

In 2006, to reverse the falling birth rate, Wong Kan Seng was put in charge as “Minister-in-charge of Population Issues”. His task was specifically to do this – bring up the birth rate.

His handling of the issue leaves much to be desired. After trying out various schemes, Wong Kan Seng finally threw in the towel and decided that the task was a hopeless one. In its place, he – along with his colleagues, I am sure – decided that the solution was to bring in more foreigners.

Doing so has resulted in so many problems for Singaporeans – such as security issues, transport issues, housing, healthcare, wages, etc.

Wong Kan Seng’s incompetence Number Three

During the World Bank and IMF meeting in Singapore, Wong Kan Seng threatened foreigners who wanted to protest with not just caning but also being shot! Wong Kan Seng then compromised and allowed “indoor protests” during the meetings. This was carried by international news wires and agencies. It made Singapore look stupid, intolerant and barbaric. Yes, it was a national embarrassment for all of us Singaporeans.

Having threatened foreigners, Wong Kan Seng then turned his attention to Singaporeans, particularly the members of the opposition Singapore Democratic Party (SDP).

Instead of allowing the SDP to go ahead with the protest, as many other countries’ governments did during the meeting, Wong Kan Seng sent his goons down to Hong Lim Park. They physically surrounded and restrained Chee Soon Juan, Chee Siok Chin and the other SDP supporters.

Never before have I seen such total incompetence.

What transpired was a 3-day stand off between Singapore Police and the SDP.

It was a huge miscalculation by the Home Affairs minister as pictures, videos and news reports of the stand-off were publicized throughout the world.

Again, it caused Singapore a huge amount of embarrassment.

And not to mention the other inconsistencies in granting permits for public events.

Why Wong Kan Seng must resign

In any other country, so many instances of inept and woeful incompetence would result in not just the minister resigning but also those immediately below him.

Now with the escape of the number terrorist IN CUSTODY from Singapore’s detention centre, Wong Kan Seng should and must come and accept total responsibility.

Anything short of this is unacceptable.


And remember this: This is not Kastari’s first escape from Singapore. According to AFP,

“Kastari had fled Singapore in December 2001 following an Internal Security Department operation against JI, Singapore‘s home affairs ministry has said.”

Someone just reminded me that Took Leng How and Richard Yong also escaped in the beginning before being handed back to Singapore by other countries – Malaysia and Hong Kong, respectively!

It’s the same for Kastari, according to AFP again:

“He was later released but arrested again by Indonesian authorities in January 2006 before being handed over to Singapore.”

It seems like Singapore under Wong Kan Seng is like a bloody leaking sieve, in spite of all the media spin about how great our security forces are! We allow detainees to escape and then wait for other countries to capture them and hand them back to us!

I truly truly truly hope that as a minister and deputy prime minister, no less, Wong Kan Seng will not start finding scapegoats and assigning blame to one and all except himself.

When others fall short, especially opposition members such as James Gomes, Chee Soon Juan and JBJ, the PAP government holds nothing back. Their merciless attacks and abuse of their political opponents is known to all. It is legend.

Thus, forgive me if I show no mercy to Wong Kan Seng.

He has failed on at least three occasions – mentioned above. And the minister has embarrassed the country on an international scale on at least two of those three occasions.

Mr Wong, please do the right thing as a man of honour.


Singapore Rebel – Censorship under the PAP : 1959 – 2008



26 Responses

  1. What we have learnt and should always remember are that the JI operatives are extremely dedicated and deadly disciples of Osama Bin Ladin. This particular JI operative was forged from the fires of Afghanistan and perhaps the most intelligent and cunning amongst the organisation. How else could he be their leader! That he has escaped is an indication of how dangerous JI operatives truly are. In my view, it is not the fault of our security forces. It is easy with the benefit of hindsight to criticise but bear in mind that even the CIA and the FBI could not prevent 9-11. Even the British M15 could not prevent the London bombings. We should rally behind and support our security forces and not undermine them.

  2. Oi Nicholas Lazarus, you copy and paste your propaganda into every wordpress blog that talks about the inefficiency of the Police regarding this case issit?

    *rolls eyes*


    Wth. No originality.

  3. When nepotisim is mixed with unnaccountability, imcompentency is what u get!

  4. Your line taken in your post is similar in nature to the line taken by Chee Soon Juan.

    There is a time and a place for opposing and a time and a place for standing together when the nation faces a challenge.

    I still remember on September 11, 2001 in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks when the House Representatives stood on the steps of the Capitol and both Democrat and Republican leaders alike put aside their differences to support their President.

    Even the Democrats in America know that when a nation is under threat, you must rally and face the danger and not support your enemies by undermining your leaders.

    Here, where there is dangerous villain at large, all you can do is attack our security forces and our Minister. This is a terrible attitude to have!

  5. The point that Nicholas Lazarus is trying to make is that the Minister and the Singapore Security forces should not be taken to task for their shortcomings.
    He maintains that it is not their fault that they were not up to scratch to deal with the most cunning of terrorists.
    We should instead blame the terrorist for being so much smarter and capable.

    This is the kind of thinking that allows incompetent Ministers to continue to remain in power.

    Well done, Nicholas.

    Since the Security Forces knew they were dealing with a highly insidious terrorist organisation and individual, it makes the fact that they let him escape even more inexcusable.

  6. Nicholas lazarus,

    Why don’t you go back to your homophobic hole from which you crawled out from.


  7. Dear almighty Nicholas Lazarus,

    Stop playing the ad hominem card and crying bloody murder when things that COULD have been prevented went wrong. STOP this insane propaganda. Your almighty logic is so awesome that I am in awe of its inanity.

    So you’re saying that we, as citizens who work hard for the country SHOULD NOT complain about the complacency and inefficiency of the SPF when *clearly* the ones paying for the wages of said security forces are US?

    What are we paying for? To let limping terrorists go on the loose?

    The first comment you left in my blog- take a look at my reply to you. Your argument and reasoning is so FLAWED that I actually laughed at it.

    What has the 9-11 and M-15 attacks have to do with a limping terrorist who managed to escape a high security detention camp? Your analogy was irrelevant and ridiculous. The two situations are NOT the same. How can you even compare those two situations?

    And you talk about the villian at large- the main issues that were highlighted in my post were:

    (i) Why wasn’t the nation alerted earlier (and thus could have had a higher chance of apprehending him) and
    (ii) How he escaped and what were the guards on duty doing.

    What else can we as a nation do besides sit and wait for him?

    Are you saying that we are not entitled to our own opinions about the matter?

    Reality check: This is 2008. And this is not North Korea. You can attempt to brainwash the rest of the population, but you can’t fool me.

    Good day to you, SIR.

    *rolls eyes*

  8. lalaland9;
    your call for Wong Kan Seng to resign will instigate his colleagues (PAP) to rally around him.

    Never for a second believe that he will be made accountable for Selamats’ escape. Wong was not the sentry on duty at the Holding Place. Between the Duty Sentry and Minister Wong are numberous other Officers to take the Rap.

    I very sure you call will be in vain.

  9. Is the almighty Nicholas Lazarusthe official PAP spokeperson on the blogosphere? He is, afterall, a member of YPAP.

    Does it means that whatever he said in the blogosphere is the official stand of PAP too?

    Can anyone from PAP please verify that he is speaking on the PAP party’s behalf too? Is he representing Mr Wong KS here?

    Can the “monitoring teams” highlight this wonderful online work of Nicholas Lazarus to the Minister. The Minister needs to know that somebody here believed in him unconditionally.

    But then, is this the real Nicholas Lazarus?

  10. I think the difference between 911 and this case of Kastari is this:

    Osama Bin Laden wasn’t in CUSTODY and then escaped to conduct the attacks on the US.

    Mas Selamat Kastari WAS IN CUSTODY and escaped. Now, he is, for sure, planning on future attacks.

    The difference is clear, I thought. As to whether anyone should be blamed or held accountable, I think we will know soon enough.

    In a matter of days, in my opinion.

  11. If this is indeed the real Nicholas Lazarus, then his words are simply pathetic. Singapore will collapse and die of a horrible death if people like him are in power

  12. […] “Forgive me if I show no mercy to Wong Kan Seng. He has failed on at least three occasions.”Looking For Lalaland “Mas Selamat has managed to run away. But in the end, it will be Wong Kan Seng who makes the […]

  13. Nicholas Lazarus,

    I absolutely hate homophobes like you. And I am a straight person, for your information.


    I am not surprised that the PAP has fuckers like you in their Youth Wing.

    I am banning you from posting comments here. I don’t allow filth such as yours and you. Go back to your ass-licking Young PAP blog to piss and shit. You are fucking not welcome here.

    Fucking PAP scumbag.

  14. Nicholas Lazarus is the same motherfucker who said the following about gay people on that homophobic blog:

    Nicholas Lazarus said…

    Leaving aside my religious views on this matter, I am against any change of law/policy on homosexuals because:

    1. They threaten the social fabric of the nation. Their ways represent an alternative for which we should not accept as being mainstream.

    2. They cannot procreate and thus cannot produce offspring for our nation.

    3. They cannot serve as soldiers because instead of serving alongside our men in green, they are more keen to sodomise them.

    I do not accept the notion that homosexuals are “creative” and thus we need homosexuals to make our nation more “creative”. There is no evidence to suggest that homosexuals are any more or less creative than heterosexuals.

    If an analysis is done, they seem to bring more problems than benefits.
    29 July 2007 17:17

  15. Now, he is fucking pretending to be concerned that a terrorist has escaped. And worse, giving his brain-dead, scum-filled rhetoric about standing together and what fuck.

    Only a party like the PAP deserves to have scums like him.

  16. Ignore the dimwit.

    Yes, we stand united as a nation, in helping to hunt this bastard down, and also to demand answers so that THREATS to National Security do not take place again.

    The security of our nation is first and foremost. There is no second chance for such matters. This Mas Selamat fellow is an AQ operative, you’d think he will simply kick back and hang loose?

    What matters now is a complete review and overhaul of the systems or negligence in command decisions that led him to be placed in such a comparatively less secure place and a proper leader has to take it on the chin and say yes, we buggered up and I will take responsibility for it.

    If the argument goes that there is no one better to replace the honored Minister, then may I ask what the fark have we done for the past decades that we have no skilled or adequate replacement at hand?

  17. Not just Won Kang Seng, there are quite q few ministers and civil servants who should be fired for incompetence. Transport for starters, followed by the idiots involved in “CPF Life”. Next up
    should be the whole biotech philip yeo failure.

  18. Well said CelluloidReality.

    Our priority is to see the chap apprehended. Once public safety is met, then accountability to all is expected from the chain of command responsible for Mas Selamat’s incredulous escape.

  19. Give mr wong a break. He also felt very bad. Lets gather together and catch the fellow before he hit you.

  20. catch the fella first then say. if any bomb or terror act goes off the last thing they will do is fire a guy with the most experience in homeland security. and THAT will be a tragedy. so lets pray our boys in blue catch him fast.

  21. Wong Kan Seng to resign – yes
    Major cock up – yes

    But given all the shit that has happened… i am at least glad that we knew about the JI BEFORE they did anything.

    Would you rather only learn about Mas Selamat AFTER his plane hits Changi Airport?

  22. I still have tremendous respect for our uniformed personnel.

    They are the ones that catch terrorists, not ministers!

    And who are the ones that let them go? Dunno yet la… but i think its the FT.

    Gurkha FT wad 🙂

  23. I don’t buy the whole ‘let’s stand together as a nation’ crap. Firstly, I don’t see why we can’t criticise/rant/complain WHILE “standing together” to defeat this overrated “national crisis”.

    What hypocrisy.

    This is a terrorist- a man with a face, on the loose, not some obscure mutated virus that we cannot see and not place the blame on someone.

    This man waltzed out of a “highly secure” detention centre- limping and alone, without external help and now some deluded goons want to save the faces of some other bigger goons by directing our attention to the irrelevant fact that he’s a ‘national threat’.

    National threat SO WHAT??

    We can’t do anything about it but look out for him, since we know what he looks like. Other than that, what else can we do? Consult psychics to find out where his reiatsu is?

    *rolls eyes*

    Thus I don’t see why can’t we criticise the goons who were supposed to WATCH over him in the first place. If you ask me, they RIGHTLY deserve all criticism, brickbats, whatever and SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE, should take responsibility for this screw up.

    Not only has this made Singapore the laughingstock of SEA, Singapore has just proven how stupid and worthless their “high security” is.

    An unarmed and limping man can escape without a trace from a toilet window. This is NOT Prison break whereby he worked with hot, buff guys to dig a hole in the concrete wall nor did he tattoo the blueprint of Whitley Road detention centre and came up with some fabulous plan to escape it forcefully.

    Save the “let’s not undermine the efforts of our men in blue” shit for another time – our “AWESOME” men in blue ALLOWED this to happen in the first place, so what “undermining” has been done?

    It’s the FACTS, FACE IT.

    Meanwhile, the citizens of Singapore DESERVE an explanation.

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  25. hey, show e Gurkhas some respect, they’re e last FT we want to turn their backs on us, be it now or in e future; they beat 700 soldiers to take down 2 of those 3 armed robbers who fled to Tekong in 2004.

  26. […] Did He Really Said He Was “Sorry”…? [Recommended] – Looking For LaLaLand..: Why Wong Kan Seng is incompetent – and not just for the JI escape – Random Rants: Jemaah Islamiyah Fugitive – Mas Selamat Kastari – The Sun Shines on Singapore: The […]

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