Ban taxis from midnight


Ok. As I said previously, I am going to offer out-of-the-box ideas to problems. And the first problem I will deal with is about taxis disappearing around midnight.

We all have experienced this before. The government and the taxi companies have tried to solve the problem through all sorts of schemes, ideas, incentives, etc.

To no avail.

Why don’t we consider banning taxis from operating from midnight onwards?

I mean, if taxi drivers are going to play hard and fast with commuters, then they shouldn’t be in the business of providing a “service”. I don’t know but I remember sometime back that the govt was going to spend $45 million on raising the service standards in Singapore. That was only 3 years back or something, I think.

Obviously taxi drivers were not included in that ‘service improvement programme’ – else we would not be talking of this problem now.

Lets ban taxis from operating after midnight – until say, 6am.

In its place, extend bus and trains’ operating hours.

To justify these longer operating hours, fares after midnight to be doubled for the buses and trains – and drivers’ salaries increased as well. The reason for doubling fares is simple: If you want to go out so late (which means you are probably out spending money partying and so on), you should be prepared to pay a higher fare.

Besides, even a doubling of the fares for buses and trains are cheaper than to take a cab, right? So, you should be able to afford it.

Buses and trains’ frequencies should not be the same as during day time – maybe also double the time for each train or bus’ arrival. That is, if it is now 10 minutes for a bus/train to arrive, after midnight it should be 20 minutes.

This is the gist of my suggestion. Of course, it will have to be further detailed and worked out.

The point is:

If one group of so-called “service providers” are exploiting commuters, such as taxi drivers, then something drastic should be done to remove the opportunity for exploitation.

I contend that banning taxis from operating from midnight onwards will solve this pain-in-the-ass problem once and for all.

Commuters are paying customers – not hostages.


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