Please stop lying to us!


In the past year alone, the Singapore government – through its investment arms of Temasek and GIC – invested a whopping $34, 560, 000, 000.00 in various investments worldwide.

That’s $34.56 billion.

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Is MM Lee still relevant?

leekuanyew-listening.jpgThe other day I was asked a question – a question which is getting asked more and more nowadays.

“Do you think MM Lee Kuan Yew is still relevant to Singapore?”

It took me a while to ponder on it and come up with an answer. My answer is not one which is 100% against the man. After all, the guy, old as he may be (85 this year!), he still has a ticking brain and a ticking heart.

My answer is this:

MM Lee was – was – relevant. In my very humble opinion, I don’t think he is anymore. The reason I say this is, he is too old. In fact, some years ago he himself admitted that he is not as fast on the uptake, especially with young people. He also recently spoke about how physically weaker he felt.

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A load of crap from the education minister

I haven’t been blogging for a while but I have to say something about this because it makes my blood boil when I see adults putting kids down.

I was floored when I read what was reported in the Straits Times recently about a school principal’s “advice” to her students.

“The Straits Times reported on Saturday that the principal of a girls’ school had told one of her Sec 5 classes they might as well apply now for places in the ITE because as they were unlikely to do well in the ‘O’ levels at the end of the year.” (ST)

Imagine my horror when the Minister of State for Education, Lui Tuck Yew, defended the principal by saying:

“Principals need to do their job to convey this message to the students and teachers to do their part to challenge them, set high goals and to help them achieve these goals.”

Did anyone notice the double-talk by the minister? A deft sleight-of-tongue, if you will.

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