Hooligan politics by COWARDS exploiting children

Now, I am a supporter of the opposition as a whole but I detest hooliganism, even in politics. In fact, especially in politics. Call me wet behind the ears but I do believe that in human interaction there must be respect, civility and maturity.

And most of all, I detest and abhor totally people who exploit children.

So, what am I talking about?

According to theonlinecitizen, some people paid 3 boys (who look like Malay boys to me, by the way) $20 to distribute anti-WP leaflets at the restaurant where the WP was holding its 50th Anniversary dinner celebrations.

It makes my blood boil just reading about it.

According to toc, the boys themselves were unsure who the person who paid them for the task was. Why would anyone use – yes, the word is USE! – 3 innocent boys to do their dirty work?

Cowards is what I’d call them. Hooligans is what they are. Cowards who do not have the courage to do the dirty work themselves. Pathetic.

The word is that the person or persons involved are SDP supporters from Sammyboy forum. If it is true, I won’t be surprised. I used to support them before but now, I think they are just full of crap. This incident coincides with the recent unhappiness in the SDP over some remarks which the WP’s leaders made apparently. (Go look at their website yourself. I am not going to provide a link to the crap they dish out.)

I mean, come on. So what if you don’t like the remarks? Do every opposition have to agree with each other? If this is the reason for trying to disrupt the WP’s 50th anniversary dinner, then it shows the dire lack of maturity on the part of the SDP and their supporters.

If you want to sully the name of fellow opposition party, then come out into the open and do it yourselves! Why involve 3 innocent boys – and exploiting their innocence? Worse, pay them only $20! Utterly pathetic.

I can’t stand people who exploit kids. Thus for any politician or political party to do so is just beyond imagination!!!!!!

And the SDP pretends to fight for people’s rights? Sheeeesssh!

The WP, to their credit, has taken this in their stride apparently. They have not made any big hoo ha over this. There is no response on their website about this. And I think this is the best thing to do. You don’t give the hooligans the attention they are so pathetically trying to get.

Kudos to the WP! They are more sensible than some wayang party like the SDP going around to pander to the international audience.

I spit on those who exploited those 3 boys.

If you want to play uncouth, dirty gangster, hooligan politics, then come out and do it yourself. The SDP should come out and clarify if it is really their supporters or even themselves who did this dishonourable, cowardly act.

Leave our kids alone!



17 Responses

  1. The SDP chief yelled at Goh Chok Tong at the GE in 2001. While I don’t like PAP, yelling like that gives the hooligan impression. Is SDP always going to use such tactics?

  2. YES! I fully agree with what the aurthor had said!

    Leave the innocent kids alone, who have no idea what they are doing!

    And WP had definitely done the right thing by ignoring it.

  3. Wait a minute… has there been proof that it’s the handiwork of SDP yet? Let’s not the kettle call the pot black.

    If there’s no proof, save your energy and spit to find out who did it. If you have proof, fire off your best broadside. No one will bother..

    But if you can only speculate at the moment…hold your horses and do not degenerate to a ‘ghost fight ghost’ scenario. Otherwise, what makes you better than them?

  4. Hmm if you talking about this guy called thinknothing, he might not be SDP supporter. When a “protest” against the annuity at Centrepoint is organized, this person oppose it vehemently and threaten forummers who intend to take part.

    It is known that the SDP did participated in that “protest”. So it might not be SDP ppl even though there is differences between the 2 parties.


  5. Bro,

    Could it be possible that some other party used the Jie4 Dao1 Sha1 Ren2 (Borrow a knife to kill others) strategy?

    To divide and conquer ….

    I believe I read somewhere that a party has just begun their recent Internet Offensive without appearing “too obvious”.

  6. Non Elite:

    SDP supporters planned this in broad daylight in Sammyboy forum. Go read. That includes a thinknothing who openly says he is with SDP and he shares some kind of alliance with real known people like ex-WP member Chia Tilik, and Ng Ejay who forummers have met in the face, who also say they are SDP supporters. What more prove is needed?

  7. The good thing is that the attack is now exposed in the open.

    The public can judge and decide if they want to support a moderate political party with names and faces or some faceless political gangsters who exploit boy soldiers to do their dirty work.

  8. I am not aware of what’s been discussed on SBF.

    We do need to differentiate between what you define as ‘SDP supporters’ and ‘SDP members’.

    I can claim to be a WP supporter and go out and bicker in the name of WP. That does not mean what I am bickering about is approved WP policy.

    I can be a card holding ex-MP charged for committing a commercial crime. That does not mean that my party approves of commercial crimes.

    Unless and until SDP officially announce or was caught in the act of doing what it was accused of, then you cannot attribute it to anything more than over-zealous supporters.

    China is such a big country. How the hell was tiny Japan able to conquer it? Because the Nationalist and Communists were busy fighting each other rather than uniting against the real enemy.

    Do learn from history.

  9. Sammyboy is the worst forum in Singapore. It’s filled with wackos who have nothing better to do with their lives than act like wounded bitches whining all day long.

    This thinknothing character supported the PAP and then later claim to support the SDP. He also said he wanted to “split the DRP”, whichis JBJ’s new party. Now, in the ST report, he claims to want the WP to be more vocal. Obviously he’s someone with an agenda – or a seriously flawed character and has psychological problems.

    I hope the SDP will do the decent thing and come out and debunk this chap if he is a SDP supporter. Sylvia Lim has been magnanimous enough to say the WP will not pursue it but will watch what happens next.

    Although thinknothing says he has nothing to do with the posters and the 3 boys, it is obvious that he does – go read sammyboy. He managed to be right there when the posters were put up and took pictures of them and posted them on sammyboy.

    Coincidence? Not really as he was the one who kept saying, weeks before, that he has a “big present for WP” on Nov 3, the day of the 50th anniversary dinner.

    In one word, this character is a liar through and through.

    Not surprising to me that the SDP has such supporters.

    Liars attract liars.

    Birds of the same feather blah blah blah.

  10. […] WP 50th Anniversary – Yaw Shin Leong @ WP: WP 50th Anniversary – UncleYap: Mr. Low Thia Kiang tossing Chiku? – Looking for LaLaLand: Hooligan politics by COWARDS exploiting children […]

  11. It’s good you admit not knowing what’s been discussed on SBF, so you don’t a lot of things.

    Well, you should go talk to thinknothing, everyone from WP members to WP supporters, even those who just say a word in agreement with WP, he will label as WP Baru or asks them “are you Andrew Loh?” (a WP member he has a grudge with).

    You say there is a difference between SDP supporters and members but if you side some one who does not think like you, tell me what is really different with SDP supporters who always show double standards?

    Thinknothing calls himself a SDP supporter. Some think he is PAP supporter. Ask yourself seriously if PAP will resort to such tricks. I have never seen such tactics coming out from them before.

  12. I do not know about the spits going on in SBF. Neither do I know about this thinknothing character.

    As an alternative party supporter, all I am saying is that all these spitting will simply divide the alternative party strength and divert attention away from real political issues.

    The eventual victor from all these spitting will not be WP or SDP. The real victor will be PAP and we all know that. Until and only when party leaders from WP or SDP come out to comment, shouldn’t the rest of us not distract attention away from real issues with fights against imaginery foes?

    Even if real, how long can these people continue their distraction if we all pay no attention to them? Will PAP resort to tricks? I don’t know too but I do remember one of their leaders threatening to ‘fix’ the opponent.

    Learn from history. Much as we may hate each other guts, the real enemy is somwhere else.

  13. Wish SDP knew that. Your advice is very apt for them if they can hear you. But I see a reason for them to derail WP, SDA and others. Their aim is to propagate the belief that elections are fraud. To do so, they have to ensure other opposition parties lose their seats. People will then say they are right. They may then get foreign intervention to replace PAP.

  14. It doesn’t matter which Oppo win an election. What is critically needed is to break the PAP stranglehold. Let the Oppo win a few more seats and draw PAP into serious parliamentary debates instead of letting them throw up one ridiculous policy after another.

    Don’t listen to PAP counter-propaganda. No Oppo is going to be majority in the next couple of elections. We can easily vote any phony or ineffective oppo out.

    Don’t get distracted in the meantime by a few smoke bombs going off. By it’s very nature, smoke bombs are meant to screen and deceive from real activities going on elsewhere.

  15. The fliers thingy could be done by a third party, not the pap or sdp. Some people with ambition.

  16. It is very important for the PAP to lose a GRC to the WP at the next General Elections.

    Singaporeans will be overjoyed and convinced that elections is the way to achieve democracy, whereas the PAP will get an extension of its hold on power for another 20 years or even longer, a more than sufficient period of time to decide whether they want to continue its rule or just take all the money and quit Singapore.

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