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SDP gone bonkers


When an opposition party starts attacking the leader of another opposition party, you know something is up.

The Singapore Democratic Party did just that. 

The SDP takes issue with Workers’ Party chairman Sylvia Lim’s reply to a question at the recent IBA Symposium in Singapore.

Sylvia Lim’s words in question, which seem to rile the SDP, are these: “We Singaporeans are quite capable of deciding what kind of country we want”, which the SDP quoted on its website.

The SDP’s argument is a convoluted one, including everything from Chia Thye Poh’s imprisonment to the judiciary to the media to the electoral system. Yes, everything is bad to them, everything needs to be changed.

Changed to what? Changed to what the SDP approves, of course!

But the funniest part about their argument is this one: That the SDP welcomes what it euphemistically termed “support for efforts to democratise Singapore”. Then in the next breath they say, “Beyond that we reject attempts to influence the policies of any political party by outsiders.”

Question: Can democracy come without changes in policies of the political party in charge? And since the SDP clearly supports outside intervention or interference – or what they might prefer, support – it is also thus clear that they would change their policy if a foreign government or organization tells them to – or pressure them to.

Irony and contradictions!

Then the SDP goes on to say: “Appeasing the PAP so that we can be an acceptable opposition is not to “draw a balance” as Ms Lim claims. It is rather an unfortunate tactic that will be conveniently exploited by the PAP.”

First, they have jumped to a rather fantastic conclusion, IMHO, that just because Sylvia Lim’s or the WP’s stance is similar to the PAP’s, it means she or the WP are trying to be “acceptable opposition” to the PAP.

What ass-minded logic is that? The WP supports National Service, so that means they are trying to appease the PAP? The WP supports foreign talents, that means they are appeasing the PAP? The WP supports education, that means they are appeasing the PAP?

This is the sorry state of the SDP nowadays.

And they end the diatribe with: “The SDP said it before and we say it again: Singapore‘s Opposition cannot stand up for the people on bended knees.”

Irony again!

The SDP fails to understand and see that it is the SDP itself which is on “bended knees”! Chee Soon Juan is bankrupted, Chee Siok Chin is bankrupted, their members are facing various charges at the moment, their party numbers have not increased dramatically although Chee has been in the SDP for some 15 years, their results at the elections were pathetic, Singaporeans disdains them.

The other opposition parties seem to be doing ok – ironically again, the WP seems to be the one opposition party which Singaporeans are amenable to.

So, now before the SDP goes all berserk, blaming all and sundry for what they have gotten themselves into (and may I say, deliberately), they should take a long hard look at themselves before they start pointing and blaming everyone else.

But seriously, opposition parties already have it hard enough. There is no need for one opposition party to try and paint another party as “PAP-appeasing”. It just shows the desperation of that party which is doing the painting. Their only support seems to come from foreign media and foreign “rights” activists. It is little wonder than that they support foreign interference.

If the SDP would only take its own advice – that “Singapore’s Opposition cannot stand up for the people on bended knees” – they would start to rethink their strategies.

After all, they are the only one who seem to be on bended knees – which is just one step away from being bonkers.


4 Responses

  1. From your earlier post of “Singaporeans are on their own” to this current post of “SDP gone bonkers”, you seem to be throwing your temper tantrum on different opposition parties at different times.

    If you want someone (eg, SDP) to fight for you without calculating their own costs (jail terms, bankrupted, etc), then don’t sneer at the same guy when he gets beaten into a pulp.

  2. Brother,

    When the SDP gone bonkers, you won’t be better with the “moderate” WP. Just like Putin’s opposition in Russia, they only give people the satisfaction that “we have opposition in Parliament”, there will be no difference in terms of change or reform.

  3. Anonymous, we won’t know until WP or any other opposition party becomes the govt. So don’t speculate. There is no point to it. I won’t be surprised if the SDP behaves exactly like the PAP if it ever comes to power, like in two million years.

    Can you honestly guarantee me that they will not be like the PAP or worse? There are no guarantees in life, my friend.

    JTC, I don’t think I need the SDP to fight for me. This is because they can’t even fight for themselves.

  4. My humble thoughts…

    All I can say is, the most effective way for the opposition to be able to speak for us…is to have a seat in the parliament not have a place in prison.

    We may not have a lot now, in fact, less than a handful… but attaining a seat in the parliament its still the top priority for any opposition, not a place in the prison 🙂

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