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The law has become an ass

When the law is applied arbitrarily, subjectively and selectively, the law becomes an ass.

I find it incredibly saddening that all 84 MPs in Parliament, including the opposition ones, have not spoken a word about the hypocritical application of the law, as the following example shows.

A picture speaks a thousand words.

Here I present 2 pictures.

They speak for themselves….


Members of the Consumer Association Of Singapore (CASE) conducting a very public demonstration demanding certain rights. Look closely. There is also a PAP MP in it, smiling and holding a placard.

And look even closer, they also have children taking part.

One can easily surmise that there are at least 100 participants.


The police took no action, gave no warning.


In fact, the police presumably, approved the event and granted a permit for it.

(And remember this: The same police have also rejected permits for indoor candlelight vigils by NUS students, even when the vigils were to be held on campus grounds. See here.)


The very same police, on the other hand, was quick to be on the scene to arrest 4 SDP members protesting against the Singapore government’s dealings with the Burmese junta.


All 4 were bundled into waiting police vans.


So, what’s the difference between what CASE did and what the SDP did?


The law is an ass.

The following video from theonlinecitizen







2 Responses

  1. You are a brave young man. Keep it up.. Have faith… Believe in your heart, your consencious, dont kneel to tyranny. Tyranny always breeds when people take the easy way out. Always trust your heart, always believe. Its better to die standing than to kneel living.” Every man dies, but not every man really lives.” Believe in yourself, do not be a lackey to the system. Act with your heart, never bow down. My spirit is with you.

  2. Hello!

    I was wondering if you had seen the online petition to the PM to repeal the law criminalising sex between men. If you haven’t, do check it out! It’s at http://www.repeal377a.com and the petition closes on October 19.

    I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that having this law on the statute books forces gay men to live in fear simply for loving whom they love; is a tangible symbol of their inferiority in society; intrudes on private acts between adults; and blocks effective sex education and HIV/AIDS outreach because gay sex can’t be frankly discussed or recognised as normal and acceptable by the government bureaucracy. This state of affairs needs to change!

    It would be great if you could sign the petition, and also if you could publicise the URL on your blog. I know you must get requests of this sort all the time, but this is for an important cause. Your wide readership will help greatly – every single signature will aid in demonstrating to the government (and the public) that Singapore is not a country of people opposed to tolerance, equality and dignity for gays.

    Please consider helping. Anything at all would be appreciated. It will cost you only a few moments, and could make a real difference.

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