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You are a bloody wimp – message to George Yeo


Reading what Singapore’s Foreign Minister George Yeo said about what ASEAN or Singapore can do about the military junta in Burma makes my blood boil.


To recap, this is what came out of the mouth of the highly-paid wimp of a minister:

“But we have very little leverage over the internal development there. What we have is moral influence as members of the ASEAN family,” Yeo told The Straits Times.

“We can’t do what the big powers can do in terms of trade embargo or freezing bank accounts.”

Be it far from me to advise my talented foreign affairs minister on what he should do but heck, lets give it a whirl.

For a start, let the Singapore government grow some bloody backbone and stop groveling at the feet of money and going all wimpy at the sight of big fat bank accounts. Notice that the PAP as a party has not put out any statements against the Burmese junta – the Workers’ Party and the Singapore Democratic Party already did.

Second, it is a bloody open secret that Burmese military generals Than Shwe and PM Soe Win had been to Singapore for medical treatment. Now, why can’t we ban them from coming? We already ban and balck-list terrorists and bankrupts and what not from entering Singapore. So, why not murderers, rapists and despots?

Third, it is also a fact that Burmese blood and dirty money is either in Singapore or go through Singapore. Now, as a financial hub, or one which aspires to be, we are unable to freeze or ban such funds from our shores or using our shores to launder such dirty money?

Fourth, Singapore should suggest to ASEAN that Burma either be banned or pressured to leave ASEAN. It is a rogue state, run by a military which completely has no mandate from the people, which is openly rejected by the people, openly condemned by most nations of the world, and is well known for its brutality against its own citizens – conducting, through its military machine, acts of terror against its won population.


Systematic rapes.

Kidnapping children and making them into child-soldiers for the regime.

Burning of villages.

Engaging in illicit trade – drugs, weapons, even endangered species.

Summary and planned persecution and execution of ethnic minorities in Burma.

Incaceration, detention, imprisonment, torture and murder of political opposition members.

Now, George Yeo, fucking save your wimpy rhetorics. STOP hiding behind the UN or its envoy. STOP giving excuses that ASEAN can’t do much.

Why don’t you bloody start with your own country first?

Singapore’s actions may not and probably will not effect any regime change in Burma but is that a requirement for us to act before we actually do something?

Is conscience not enough?

Is doing right not enough?

Is being ethical not enough?

Is being moral not enough?

Is being a human being not enough?

Imagine your own children, Mr Yeo, in a country such as Burma. Your wife and daughter carted off in the middle of the night and taken to the jungles to be systemically rape for days and weeks by numerous number of drunken, dirty, foul-mouthed soldiers.

Imagine your own father, son or male friends being butchered, tortured, have their limbs chopped off just for voicing out against the junta.

Imagine the terror of living… nah, not living… of surviving..

Mr Yeo, grow some bloody backbone. Is this the kind of people and government that you’d shake hands with, smile at and do business with? (left, from Singapore Rebel) If that were so, why don’t you just release all the prisoners and criminals in Singapore onto our streets and let them run amok.

The eyes of the world is not only on Burma but also on ASEAN – and on you, the minister of the country which is currently the Chair of ASEAN.

STOP being wimpy.

STOP being a fucking wimp.


Asean double talk

“It was also a disgusting manifestation of Asean’s prevarication and double talk on Burma, and a revelation that Asean is the weakest regional bloc of nations with hardly any influence at all to bring pressure on the Burmese generals to negotiate reconciliation with the democracy movement led by Aung San Suu Kyi.”

Singapore is hosting Asean’s annual meeting in November, when the organization is scheduled to approve its first charter designed to make it a more effective rules-based organization. … The Burmese crackdown pushes Asean to a moment of decision on the issue of transforming it into a rules-based organization with disciplinary and binding authority. This will test whether Asean members with economic interests in Burma, including Singapore and Thailand, can summon the political will to bring Burma into line with the draft’s objectives. The showdown in Singapore in November could break up Asean’s project of political integration or result in Burma’s expulsion. The second outcome appears remote.”


8 Responses

  1. Don’t blame George. Blame his boss.

    Maybe someday we will have our own Junta too. Just look at the no. of Generals in our cabinet.


    Singapore’s Senior Minister Lee Kuan Yew believes just that. He defended Myanmar’s military at a Singapore function for foreign reporters last week, saying it was “the only instrument of government” in the country, and that without the power the military commands, Suu Kyi might not be able to rule.

    She should stay “behind the fence and be a symbol,” he suggested. When told of Lee’s remarks, Suu Kyi said: “I think that is a little strange, because Singapore is not ruled by an armed force, is it?”

  2. Lee Fuck Yew is a cowardly politician. Don’t take it as my words but read it in Said Zahari’s new book. You should take whatever he says with a pinch of salt cause I think its all utter rubbish.

  3. Amazing speech by George Yeo. Maybe next time they can’t give us fair elections like in other countries. Well, not that we have one in the first place.

  4. GY is just another employee. The Junta killed people, LKY wants the Junta not to be accountable for these murders. Just stay “stable”, just continue to do the same things to the people.

    His biggest fear in this crisis is the exposure of the “special” dealings behind the scenes. Then, when the world get to know about it, the whole world will not respect him anymore.

    He demands the respect of the world.

    This statement “behind the fence and be a symbol” is the most disgusting thing any human being would ever say. He is saying it is OK to imprison her without any reason. Is she a criminal? Oh, I forgot. We have our ISA too that imprisons people without trials. The junta is definitely learning from us.

    Noticed that everything in Burma is an “internal affair” now. A car knocks down a man, a bystander will not help because the bystander feels that it is between the driver and the injured man.

  5. I’ll tell you what happen with China and ASEAN including Singapore for Burma policy. I hope that you guys remembered 1988 Uprising of Burma and I was one of the students in 88. After 88,
    1. China faced Te Ann Inman Square Affair in 1989 and they killed and arrested so many students. ( some are brutally killed by tanks)
    2. Suharto from Indonesia was out by people and Indonesia become more freedom and now towards to democratic society.
    3. East Timor got Independence.
    And so on..

    Now you can see the effect of Burmese Democracy movement in the Region.

    So it is very obvious that China and most ASEAN countries don’t want to see democracy movement in ASEAN region since most of them are under some kind of very tide ruled governments (Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia, Burma..). As you know Singapore is not a democratic country like US or UK and the gov. especially Sr. LEE doesn’t want to see Singaporean involved in Politic or human rights stuffs.. You can see how SDP become weaker and weaker. ( I remembered that they were sued by government so many times and some were become bankrupts).
    These are what I see…
    Well, Hopefully, Singaporean new Generations can see these too.. Good Luck.

  6. If George Yeo doesn’t want to take the blame, then don’t take up the cabinet position and don’t draw the million-dollar salary.

    Saying he is just an employee following the boss’ order is not a good enough reason. He has the choice of not resigning from his job. After decades of being in the PAP’s service, he can live more than just comfortably by now.

  7. […] the evil military. Their cry for freedom is met with brutal force, crushed and silenced while ASEAN stooges go around shaking hands and sipping […]

  8. Wait, if we ban murderers, rapists and despots from entering Singapore, what do we do with Lee Kuan Yew?

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