Is this guy really a minister?


Within a period of 3 weeks, Minister of State for Law and Home Affairs has had to defend the government’s stance on 2 issues – the rejection of the Workers’ Party application to hold a cycling event and now the rejection for Professor Douglas Sanders to give a talk here at a public forum.

On both counts, MOS Ho has failed miserably.

To see how the minister (yes, he is actually a minister. Don’t laugh, please) squirms and wriggles and try and explain his government’s stance is, if not for the comical aspect of it, rather painful.

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Now, who’re the ones hiding in the closet?

The recent saga of Otto Fong is a rather curious one for me. Curious – and disappointing – for several reasons.

Amidst the apparent flurry of actions by both the Ministry of Education and Raffles Institution to quickly “fix” the “problem” of one of its teachers, who happens to be gay, coming out publicly about his sexual orientation, something is lost.

This something is an opportunity.

An opportunity to really get involved in a dialogue – between Fong, MOE, RI and the students, and perhaps even the general public.

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